Come dance, drum and play at the Downtown Getdown!

A weekly community event (weather permitting) centered in rhythm and movement at The Jones House; where people of all ages and musical abilities can come together in a safe space for fun collective improvisation. BYOD – Bring Your Own Drum – or other instruments you can dance and groove with. Circle starts promptly at 5:30. Potential “after party” at Jimmy Smith or Durham Park for those interested in continuing beyond 7:30.

The health benefits of drumming and dancing are well documented as is the life affirming alchemy of a supportive community. Gathering in this way is nearly as old as these mountains we call home. Come, join us on The Jones House lawn every Wednesday evening, weather permitting. Remember as the saying goes, “If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing.” 

Downtown Getdown Guidelines, to make the drum circle experience more enjoyable for yourself and others.

  • Regarding the property please leave no trace and take no souvenirs.
  • Remove rings to protect your hands and the drums.
  • Kindly ask permission before playing someone else’s instrument.  
  • Listen as much as you play. 
  • To find your place in the groove, pay attention to the pulse. 
  • Allow space for everyone to express themselves musically and physically.
  • Consideration for volume dynamics allows for everyone’s rhythm feel connected, just like a musical conversation. 
  • If you are an advanced drummer or dancer, share the solo space. 
  • If this is your first time great! This is a supportive space to discover your unique abilities. 
  • The drum circle is intended to be a safe space to express yourself through music and movement. 
  • Show respect and kindness to all. This is an opportunity for community. 

See y’all at the Getdown!